Worried your family won’t unplug at your wedding? Hire two kick-ass photographers

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Worried your family won’t unplug at your wedding? Hire two kick-ass photographers

Worried your family won't unplug at your Unplugged wedding? Hire two photographers

Musings from a Second Shooter Husband


We help couples worried they will have an Unplugged Wedding with a family who won’t unplug. Wait to read this. Recently a Facebook post appeared to blast a Wedding Guest at an Unplugged Wedding for interfering with the photographer. The post was actually designed to garner exposure for the Photographer ( it has gone semi-viral ). In this article, we explore the topic of Unplugged Weddings and whether or not your guests will respect the concept. 

In a word, your best solution during an unplugged wedding is duplication…

Our recommendation to avoid this potentially stressful situation is to insure you have multiple photographers. We believe in safety in numbers. As Orlando Wedding Photographers, we really believe that. Always.

It is at this point that the topic of having two photographers is clear. At the end of the day, no matter what happens on your Wedding day, We believe it is a one off event. There are no do overs. We have no second chances. Without the ability to redo anything, it is our responsibility to get it right the first time. Again, we have NO second chances. At the end of the day, isn’t that what you pay for? We believe you have earned the right to have professionals photographing your wedding. We also think that when it is all said and done, we have no ability to console you for missed moments. No words can ever replace a missed moment. At that point, all that will be remembered is that missed moment.

What it means to Be a Second Photographer to My Wife during an unplugged wedding

Being a second photographer to my wife is an amazing opportunity for me. I get to see the moments unfold organically. I also get to see how my wife reacts to the unexpected. Often I am tasked with add-ons, which are shots to compliment the primary photographers vision.

I really like to work in black and white, both to simplify the workflow but to allow my wife to have less post-production editing needed. Our focus becomes about the subject, an not the imaging. As her second photographer, I am there to support her vision for the day. I found it to be the most fun I have ever had working hard. 
On this particular day, we had what I would call the most challenging wedding day timeline ever. We see a local Church plus east coast getting ready location, and then back to the east coast for the reception at the Crystal Ballroom Sunset Harbor . WHOA! 

See their final Black and White Images here: https://clients.sophiasartphotography.com/crystal-ballroom-sunset-harbor-wedding-black-and-whiteWe

Top Getting Ready Photos Bride getting her makeup prepared
Bride checking her makeup while getting ready for her Florida Wedding

During the Getting Ready portion of the day, I really wanted to convey the frenzy of all the girls and makeup and hair and dresses and flowers and relatives within the space. We see that the large banks of windows provided the perfect backdrop for these images. 

Perfect Light All Around Before an Unplugged Wedding…

Like a giant softbox reflector in the studio, the camera finds beautiful soft morning sun washed over the bride and her makeup team. Marjorie recognizes that lighting conditions were perfect that day.

I am very proud of what we were able to accomplish in a tense environment. Our desire to tell the story is what it is all about. 

Ah… boys. Yes I know it is as tight as it looks. But at the end of the day, we don’t have the option to custom tailor everything to our own wants and needs. We are working professionals, tasked with walking into an overcrowded hotel room with 15 guys being guys, and figure it out. 

The Calm Before the Storm which defied this unplugged wedding…


I see the groom of our unplugged wedding in the far end of the room by the sliding doors. Certainly he was ready before everyone else. Soon he really wanted be married NOW. Without a doubt, he was laser focused on every moment of that morning. 

What’s more, he helped his boys get ready. Specifically, he wrote out his entire personal letter to his future bride.  After all, I found that everything about his morning was focused on the task at hand. I was very proud to be present in the moment for him. I captured a ton of great moments there. He felt the anticipation.

Sandy and Chris Wedding at St. Mary and Archangel Miguel Church and Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, Daytona, Fl
Bride and Groom walk back down aisle as family takes pictures
Wedding prep with the groomsman
Father smiles as the Groom helps his groomsmen with their cufflinks.

As I said, I was with the groom. This is my area of primary photography. I found the physical space 10 times more tight than I thought. But, as always, we make it work. Here I see that the groom ( lower right ) is helping the rest of his groomsman with their cufflinks. 

Boys will Be Boys…

No matter how “un-posed” these images can become, we find that the moments of family and camaraderie between fathers, sons, brothers and cousins cannot be understated. I can see that everyone was in their own little worlds. We see that even the dad ( far right ) shows the love in the room.

As the groom wrote out by hand his personal letter to the bride, I was able to get in close to get a few moments with him. We know that these images need to tell the story of the moment. We take the time to tell the story of his love for her. 

I hope that I was able to do that for him. I helped to set up the vantage point for the videographer as well. When a good shot is present, We set it up knowing that it’s going to be great for video as well as stills. 

Collaboration Benefits Everyone, even at an unplugged wedding…


Clearly, we aren’t bothered with keeping the best shots to ourselves. Occasionally, all of us take the role as collaborators. Moreover, we own the status as a team, and the clients are our main focus. Ultimately, we do this even though an unplugged wedding provides huge challenges.

Without the common goal of working together, We find it all falls apart. We never want that for our clients. Marjorie knows that the day needs to be as perfect as it could be. I have found that it certainly makes all the challenges easier to overcome.

Writing a letter to his bride before his wedding
Custom Engagement Ring Box as Groom handwrites his personal letter to his bride on the wedding day.
Photo of a Groom reading a letter from his bride
Groom reads letter from his bride to be written on custom Poker Playing Cards

He is an avid car player, and for his personal gift from her, she took an entire deck of cards, and wrote out her letter to him, one card at a time. It was one of the most emotional moments I have ever witnessed.

I could tell that he really really worships her and loves her with all of his heart. All of the challenges of the day are secondary to being chosen to be a witness to moments like that.

When a Man Really Loves a Woman…

As many times as I see a groom getting ready, it will never get old. When a man truly loves a woman, all the “tough-guy” things melt away and you see the real person. Every time we are selected to be a couples photographers isa personal honor for us.


Worried your family won't unplug at your wedding? Hire two photographers

The unplugged wedding ceremony was a first for us – Orthodox Church where nearly the entire ceremony was witnessed by a full gallery, standing as a matter of the protocol, for the entire ceremony.

Unexpected, to say the least. 

But we are professionals. We make it work. Hoisting my camera above my head on a monopod, I was able to get usable images. Often I don’t know if the images I capture will be selected. It is my hope that what is captured conveys the moment well.

It’s impossible to predict what the client will desire from the images delivered. Our best efforts can sometimes disappoint. We admit that as artists. Especially when the entire environment is as unscripted as a live wedding. In fact, a wedding is the most unscripted “scripted” event ever. 

Crowd didn't really adhere to the rule of an unplugged wedding
Crowd of family and friends crowd around in a small Orthodox Church Wedding in Orlando
Bride and Groom during their Wedding Ceremony
Bride and Groom from a hidden shooting position behind a curtain.

As you can see sightlines are tight. I was advised to go behind the partition, and peek out behind the curtain. Although I was later told by the officiant not to be there, I found the vantage point amazing and unobtrusive. We never wish to become part of the show.

The ultimate Goal.

Documentation, and not becoming a detriment to the celebration is our goal. In this chaotic environment, all we can do is hope that the client was excited about what we captured.

To that end, we put everything into what we do, even at an unplugged wedding. You have earned our very best efforts. Even if that means crouching down and peeking through the corner of a curtain. My knees were killing me at that point.

This image really sums up the entire situation. And I loved taking it. Tiny church. Big personalities. And in the very center, two people madly in love, walking down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife. What a feeling we had. Despite the challenges, we loved it from start to end.

This moment in two people’s lives is a singular, irreplaceable blink of the eye.

 If you miss it, you miss it. Who are we to try to direct these people? No one really. It is with this genuine humility which we approach our seemingly monstrous task. 

We are there to document the show, without becoming a part of the show. Being Orlando Wedding Photographers is not easy, if you are doing it right and with conviction.

Sandy and Chris Wedding at St. Mary and Archangel Miguel Church and Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, Daytona, Fl
Bride and Groom walk back down the aisle as family takes photos.
Bride Dancing with her mother at her East Coast Florida Wedding
Beautiful Bride dances with her mom at her Wedding Reception at Crystal Harbor

There is no way for us around it. This is me pushing through the crowd to get the shot. It is a difficult position to be in. On one hand, the crowd is filled with people who have known these two forever – I am the outsider.

On the other hand, I have to try my best, and suck it up. 

In the end, at an unplugged wedding your technical skills max out and you have to trust that there is a higher power making it all possible for you to capture a few moments of love between a mom and her daughter.

These opportunities to give to each of them our vision of that connection are irreplaceable. There was so much love in that room. Everyone as so happy for the bride and groom. As chaotic as it was, you have to just ride the wave and go with the flow.

Worried your family won't unplug at your wedding? Hire two photographers

In the end, sneaking between whirling dancers to capture this smile is what we are after. Admittedly, it is as much to change and luck as it is to skill. Of course, being in the right spot at the right time helps. 

Unquestionably , this is what you pay professionals to do. 

They overcome all of the obstacles given to them. Even if your day doesn’t become an unplugged wedding. Be where they are supposed to be. Focused on you and your moments. This is what it means to be “in the moment”. Not to be looking for things which would make for great instagram stories, or other marketing tools for their businesses.

If an image can do that, fine. but not at the expense of diverting artistic energy away from the matter at hand. Of course the bright DJ lights on the bottom of the dress didn’t help matters, but we don’t really care. We get what we get. At last the images present themselves to us.


Top Photographers for A Crystal Ballroom Wedding
Bride Smiles as she enjoys dancing with her family at her Crystal Ballroom Wedding Reception
Mother and Son dance during an unplugged wedding
Groom Dances with his mother at his Wedding Reception in Daytona Beach Florida

Tender moments Captured forever

Again – beautiful photo. tender moment between Mother and Son. and the Dj Bride and Groom Logo shining on his rear. Truly it is what it is. With this in mind, we make the effort to frame it out of the photo as best we can. 

For them, the moment captured was amazing. For us, we try to produce magic every time we enter the reception hall. without a doubt, the challenge is exciting to us. As can be seen, the day and night was amazing for all. As well as the family really behaved wonderfully. In the end, it was magical.

To see Sandy and Chris’s full gallery here: https://clients.sophiasartphotography.com/sandy-loves-chris-crystal-ballroom-sunset-harbor-wedding

Would we like to be center position for these images? Sure, that would be great. Did we? Not exactly, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter to our clients who got to shoot where.

What’s Really Important

All they want is to know that the day was captured in an amazing way. It is up to us as professionals to work together, and make it happen.

See more of the Crystal Ballroom Sunset Harbor Here: https://clients.sophiasartphotography.com/crystal-ballroom-at-sunset-harbor-corporate-inspirational-shoot 

Video team record a wedding at Crystal Ballroom Sunset Harbor
Video Crew works to capture toasts at a Crystal Harbor Wedding Reception.

Sandy and Chris Sunset harbor Wedding

Apollo’s Chariots Orlando’s Luxury Transportation Service  info@apolloschariots.com


The Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, 861 Ballough Rd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114  crystalballroomsunsetharbor@gmail.com


DJ Company Absolute Soundz cs@absolutesoundz.com




Planner Kim Tran: https://www.centralfloridaweddingassociation.com/pearl-white-events/




Hair and Makeup – Before the Aisle : http://www.beforetheaisle.co/

More Instances of Overcoming Cel Phones

Groom Dances with his mother at his Wedding Reception in Daytona Beach Florida

Are you worried your family won’t unplug at your unplugged wedding? You should Hire two photographers. Particularly, how could I ever try to redirect the mother of the flower girl form photographing her own kid? Impossible for me to do. It just makes no sense to anyone. Certainly, it was part of this moment and you have to make it a part of your moment as well.

What an Amazing Outdoor Wedding…

This outdoor ceremony at Waldorf Orlando was absolutely perfect in every way for them. Specifically, it was intended to be an  unplugged Wedding. Nonetheless, great weather, happy faces, and the emotions overflowing for everyone. In short, it was the perfect day.

Great moment for Allie and Dan.

Read their Unplugged Wedding Article here: https://sophiasartphoto.com/waldorf-astoria-wedding-allie-loves-dan/

See their full gallery here: https://clients.sophiasartphotography.com/allie-and-dan–wedding-reception-at-hilton-bonnet-creek

At this point, this was a wonderful moment for me as well as the Dad of the Bride. We were off to the side and I needed to hide behind a door to not be in Marjorie’s shots. Presently, as I watched through the crack in the door, the dad surprised me. Basically, he blocked me actually. 

The Unplugged Wedding Surprise of the Day.

As he took a photo, of his daughter being photographed by my Wife, I turned that into a great moment for her. By integrating his action into my shot of the bride, I was able to show the bride how much her dad loves her.

How we overcome chaos during the Unplugged.

It would have been silly to scold the dad. In either case, the moment was genuine. Personally, I love the layers in this image. and it was organic and spontaneous. In spite of the surprise, I am honored to have present in the moment. Regardless of an unplugged wedding or not.

To conclude, read their Wedding Article here: https://sophiasartphoto.com/holy-family-church-wedding-maria-brad/

I case you want to see their full Gallery Here: https://clients.sophiasartphotography.com/maria-loves-brad-stoneybrook-west-wedding

Celphones at weddings turn into beautiful images
Image of Father photographing daughter with celphone at unplugged wedding - Worried your family won't unplug at your wedding? Hire two photographers

We Photograph Couples. Marjorie takes photos at their wedding. Nicholas supports Marjorie. Sophia’s Art Photo captures important moments. Our clients love what we do. I carry Marjorie’s equipment during the event. I will have saved a book. she will have given a look. They will have honored a promise. Chris will have written a book by the end of this wedding. 

A true honor at an Unplugged Wedding

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will have written a book. Of course, she will have written a book. As I have said, they will have written a book. In any event, Bob will have written a book. At any rate, I will have written a book. In case she will have written a book. To begin with, they will have written a book. As I have noted, Bob will have written a book. Before I will have written a book. All of a sudden, she will have written a book. Afterwards, they will have written a book. Basically, Bob will have written a book.

will have written a book. Of course, she will have written a book. As I have said, they will have written a book. In any event, Bob will have written a book. At any rate, I will have written a book. In case she will have written a book. To begin with, they will have written a book. As I have noted, Bob will have written a book. Before I will have written a book. All of a sudden, she will have written a book. Afterwards, they will have written a book. Basically, Bob will have written a book.

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