The Picture Wall in your home is the very center of your Family Legacy.

Of course, as Family Portrait Photographers, we ask you this. Basically, How does your family show their love for each other? Likewise, what super important tiny little daily details do the little ones cherish? Also, who brings you up when you are down? Lastly, where is the most special secret hiding places in your home? Above all, the infinite moments which make up your family history are there for us to capture. Hence, displaying Fine Art Family Portraits in your home does this. In brief, they immortalize every square inch of the quirky unique flavor of your family. That is to say, true love in motion deserves a place on your wall.

Custom Designed Fine Art Family Portraits

Wall Art for Your Home

45 Min Starter Session



Your Family Shall Receive:

    • Complete Fine Art Family Portraits Planning Session where we learn about the quirky unique energy only found within the characters in your family.
    • Entirely customized and personalized 45 min family photo shoot with the goal of capturing forever your family in the wild. (Max 5 people $50 each additional person added)
    • Custom product design consultation where we guide you through the selection and creation of Fine Art Family Portraits just for your home.
    • Complete professional retouching to purchased portraits by Marjorie herself.
    • Permanent archiving of all purchased files onsite and cloud storage
    • $25 Print Credit Beautifully hand crafted customer designed artwork for your home

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