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Orlando Wedding Photographer

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Exceeding your expectations is our goal. Especially as Dual Orlando Wedding Photographers. Also, going above and beyond for your family is our jam. Since 2012, we have been serving couples, families, and small businesses in Central Florida. We are a family owned, mom and pop operation. By choosing us, you are deciding that photography of all the hundreds of details on your biggest day is a very high priority. If you feel, at the end of your wedding journey, that you now have an official family photographer for life, we were successful. Let us begin the journey together.

Going Above and Beyond for you and your family.

Certainly, you are choosing to secure a truly professional wedding photographer in Orlando. Especially one who you can count on to show up early, stay late, and be by your side throughout the celebration of your new family. Above all, the day of your wedding is far too important to entrust to a “friend with a camera”. Likewise, finding someone who “is trying out photography”.

At the end of the day – your biggest day – you can rest easy knowing that every part of that celebration was captured forever by two people who care as much about your family as you do. All in all, Small budgets or large. Certainly they can be Simple Ceremonies or Elaborate Affairs. Without a doubt, we think about everything in between.

As Top Orlando Wedding Photographers, we have seen it all.

Above all, thank you in advance for placing photography as your highest priority. Certainly when it is all said and done, your dress will be in a box, the cake will be in the freezer, the ring will be on your finger, and your wedding photos will outlive everything and everyone. Of course, we say Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

We see first hand how challenging planning your own wedding can be. In other words – we have been exactly where you are. In 2013 we were also planning our wedding. Wedding  Packages in Orlando were confusing. One of the things we wanted to know was if there would be charged overtime or not. We wondered how long it takes to get wedding photos. Suffice to say, we totally get it. Give us a chance. Find us on Instagram. Catch us on Facebook. Take the next step. 


Exceeding your expectations… doesn’t end after your photographs are captured. As Dual Orlando Wedding Photographers we know exactly what you want. When you are sitting down to celebrate your 25th anniversary together, this should happen. Of course, these images should bring you right back to that exact moment in your life. Reliving every emotion is our goal. We have selected Graphistudios as our exclusive custom Italian album creation studio. Certainly our clients deserve nothing less than breathtaking luxury.