Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal Goes Perfectly | Katelyn+Bryce



Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal Goes Perfectly | Katelyn+Bryce

A Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal goes perfectly.

Above all, this Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal really had to be perfect. The hardest part about these is to stay in character. On this occasion we posed as a family portrait photography team capturing the two families together for the holidays. What started as a portrait session became the most amazing single moment of their lives thus far. And we were lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time. 

Right Place. Right Time. Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal.

When two people take the plunge, it’s either expected for both or a surprise. All in all, we feel this was a genuine surprise for her. Certainly as we planned for this Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal we knew this was a one off. There are no second chances to capture the genuine raw emotion of being asked to marry your true love. Basically, we could not afford to miss that moment. Especially for these two too-cute baby face engaged people. Without a doubt, it took everything we had to stay in character. Marjorie sold the entire idea of the “family portrait” session. 

Surprise Proposals are certainly our Jam.

We love to photograph people. True Love In Motion is our Jam. Marjorie brings the creativity. Our couple brings the energy. Nicholas brings the vision and support. The couples’ families bring the love and affection. All in all, you can feel the excitement for the bride. Especially as the suspense builds towards that one moment. We certainly owned our emotions as the time came for the groom to propose. He owned the ring. He planned the moment well. We were in position.  All at once, it began. We just could not spare a moment to pause as it came to pass. Even for this for this Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal, you cannot go wrong.

From time to time, we get to really make perfect timing the key. Of course, this was one of those days for us. Above all, we truly love to capture that moment between two people. Especially when a ring is involved. And yet, our clients love the attention! From Geovanna’s Boardwalk Photos to Jannie’s Leu Gardens Images, we bring the visions to life. Truly a blessing to be chosen. We mean that. From Tiffany’s Celebration Engagement to Eileen’s Luxmore Estate Wedding, Elegance rules the day.

Our emotions can get the best of us. Of course, seeing a proposal makes that happen alot for us. When Emanuela and Jose got married in Lake Mary, we cried. Tatiana’s Holy Trinity Center wedding really brought out the best in everyone. We owned it. They loved it. Marjorie nailed it. We found the light. The Couple brought the energy. Just as beautiful as this Surprise Ritz Grande Lakes Proposal.

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Sophia’s Art Photography began in 2012 with a very simple mission. Bring back the traditional family Orlando photographer to Central Florida. Nick and Marjorie celebrated a photographers wedding in 2013. Over time, Sophia’s Art Photo was asked to be one couple’s Dual Orlando Wedding Photographer Team. And in a moment, they were all in. Five blissful years later, Sophias Art Photo has become one of the most versatile Family Orlando Photographers in Central Florida. In 2015 Marjorie was honored as a WPPI Silver Distinction Award Winner. All in all, from Maternity to newborns , kids to Grads, all the way to professional business Headshots, Marjorie and Nicholas love being relied upon for their client’s family photos. 

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