Uplifting Dr. Phillips Orlando Engagement Photos | Erica and Greg [Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts]

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Uplifting Dr. Phillips Orlando Engagement Photos | Erica and Greg [Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts]

We captured Downtown Engagement Photos in the Florida Sunshine.

Our Dr Phillips Orlando Engagement Photos Session with Erica and Greg excelled. In short, Florida rocks. Obviously, we are in the beautiful Downtown Orlando. Sunlight courses through the trees. The breeze floats along the street. Besides the Dr. Phillips Center for the Arts we shoot. Earlier we waited for our couple to arrive. Overall the sun was fierce. Heat and humidity conspire against us. Eventually, our wonderful couple arrived. In contrast to the heat, they were cool under pressure. This time, the weather will not beat us. In this situation, you must improvise. As Orlando Wedding Photographers, we really believe that. As can be seen, we took up the challenge and won. We own it. Owing to the energy of our couple, the day was a success. In fact, the images are stunning.Truly an amazing experience.

Engagement Photos near Dr Phillips Orlando are amazing.

So certainly the elements were conspiring against us this day. Because we arrived early, planning for our session was a challenge. Especially since we knew this couple. Truly we do agree. They really were excited about having engagement photos here. Dr Phillips Orlando Center for The Arts was the spot where he proposed.  Surely shade would be at a premium. Through this double row of trees sunlight filtered down. In spite of the heat, this was a great spot. Equally helpful was the slight breeze. Below you see the behind the scenes video and the resulting images. Orlando is amazing. You may already know that. We truly do. Certainly, the results were spectacular. Furthermore the couple loved them. I love you. I know. This is a great example of the benefit of two photographers. Choose top Orlando Wedding Photographers for your event.

We move to the front lawn of Dr Phillips Orlando Center for the Arts.

Despite the end of work day traffic downtown, we crossed Orange Avenue for shadier surroundings. As much as the filtered sunlight popped, our clients were melting. The city sparkled. Passing cars honked at us. Eventually we moved among the planters and foliage in front of City Hall. In order to photograph our couple we angled for a lush green background. The sky was gorgeous. Marjorie soon went to her knee to get the right angles. In a word – stunning were the images produced. The couple smiled playfully. Marjorie took the photos. The wind cooled the clients. Shade helped tremendously.

Playful Couple enjoy their Dr Phillips Orlando Engagement Photos

A desired pose is selected. The ring is hidden behind the grooms back. Marjorie finds the angle. The photo produced is epic. At last, the energy is paying off. In essence the couple is connecting with us. Areas of Central Florida which are perfect for photos are everywhere. Downtown Celebration comes to mind. Also, there is Downtown Disney Boardwalk Resort. Consider Kraft Azalea Gardens. The foliage there is epic. Florida rewards couples. We own our sessions. The sky amazes us all.

Through the trees the colors shine. As a result, we are super proud. Colors rule the day. Our couple smiles. They love each other. It shows in their eyes. The embraces make us smile. We are inspired. Truly we are. I love you. I know. Love conquers all. This couple proves that. 

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Orlando is the city Beautiful. Besides, the streets are amazing. Also, the people are friendly. Likewise, the city colors work perfectly. Consider a Dr Phillips Wedding. For that reason, give yourself a reward. So long as you find a perfect spot. Then again, wear your favorite outfit. As well as bring your smile. During your Dr Phillips Orlando Engagement Photos engagement shoot, share your love with the camera. Moreover, be photographed as you are. In any case, capture the energy between you two.

Learn how to interview a Photographer. You will enjoy the info. There are great tips here. Certainly you will smile.

Review Downtown Orlando Wedding Venue Citrus Club Orlando. You will be amazed. Besides, this place is epic. Not convinced? Check out these Chic Wedding Photos.

You can find Top Engagement Spots in Orlando. Orlando is filled with beauty. Firstly, we can help you!  Secondly, find the best spot for you. Thirdly plan your shoot. Lastly, take timeless photos. I love you. I know. 

Certainly, we believe you should get Engagement Photos. Photos are great for save the dates. Your family will want them. Of course, we can assist. Furthermore, the images are timeless. What’s more, you deserve it.

Love conquers all.

See Downtown Winter Garden Engagement Photos. Winter Garden is so beautiful. Hence, there is a true down home feeling. Without a doubt, these sunsets produce epic photos. To be sure, we believe it. Love is for you all. We shoot photos. Couples hug each other.

Indeed we love photographing Leu Gardens. In any case, the foliage is everywhere. The again, rose gardens await you. As a result, your photos will be gorgeous. You will believe. Thus, we create memories. But our couples love the experience. Won’t you join us?

Fall Weather makes for beautiful Engagement Photos. The temperatures are better. Breezes filter through the trees. The light is better. We take breathtaking images. You will love it. We feel confident. Dr Phillips Weddings are amazing in the fall.

See the Inside of the Dr Phillips Orlando Center for the Arts. You will fall in love. We certainly did. The venue is overwhelming. Truly Epic.

Our Experiences with Dr Phillips Engagement Photos has been wonderful.

Lastly, we have our own recommendations. We have opinions. In a word, experience. For the most part our ideas rock. As can be seen, the results are epic. Lest we forget to tell you. You have a part in this. Consider a Dr Phillips Wedding. Obviously the energy between you is critical. It is important to realize that. We invite you. Please give it a try. In fact, call us today. In due time, you will agree. Occasionally, it will rain. Overall we have had great luck. Certainly you will too. Besides, love rules the world. I love you. I know. 

Star Wars rules our lives. You can probably tell. It is pretty obvious. We love fun couples. Fun couples love us back. We really love big families. Big families often want to adopt us. Our experience with weddings has been amazing. Photography is very fulfilling for us. The connection between people drives us. You will keep our images forever . This fact motivates us. We believe in family photography. You should as well. Love is everything. Capturing love is even more to us. Your love builds a life. All of your family cares. They support you. We support you. Marriage is beautiful. Two families come together. It is amazing. Let is get started. We make it easy. Reach out to us. Let’s connect today.

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Sophia’s Art Photography began in 2012 with a very simple mission. Bring back the traditional family Orlando photographer to Central Florida. Nick and Marjorie celebrated a photographers wedding in 2013. Over time, Sophia’s Art Photo was asked to be one couple’s Dual Orlando Wedding Photographer Team. And in a moment, they were all in. Five blissful years later, Sophias Art Photo has become one of the most versatile Family Orlando Photographers in Central Florida. In 2015 Marjorie was honored as a WPPI Silver Distinction Award Winner. All in all, from Maternity to newborns , kids to Grads, all the way to professional business Headshots, Marjorie and Nicholas love being relied upon for their client’s family photos. 

Although Wedding Photographers in Orlando are many, your options are limited only by your budget and wedding day vision. Certainly, finding your perfect Wedding Photographer is really important for your biggest day. And here is why we believe this. Of all the vendors hired for family celebrations, selecting the best of dual wedding photographers Orlando insures that your entire day is captured beautifully. Because, you and your new family absolutely deserve the very best.