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Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando | Sophias Art Photography

Our Top Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando.

Of course, Top Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando are a great choice. All in all, there are a ton of great choices around Central Florida. From The beaches to downtown Orlando, Top Outdoor Wedding Venues are everywhere. Above all, as Orlando Wedding Photographers, capturing True Love in Motion is our jam. 

Take a trip to DeLeon Springs Florida – Harmony Gardens.

You can believe this. The trip to DeLeon Springs is well worth your time. Visiting this premier outdoor wedding venue at Harmony Gardens is why. We are sold on this place. Our Harmony Gardens Photo Shoot shows that. The combination of fern covered grounds with the high tree canopy really are magical. Every part of this venue impresses us. Especially for a rustic, outdoor wedding theme. As can be seen, your own rustic vision would come to life here. These details are amazing! Be sure to do this one thing. Hire wedding vendors committed to your vision. This is key. We agree completely. 

Look us up on Social Media. Review our Instagram feed. Reach out to us. Give us a call. Make that first step. Begin your Journey.



Casa Feliz is one of the most wonderful Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando.

Seeking out this jewel of Winter Park really is a journey back in time. The building was in danger of being demolished. Citizens came together to finance its move to the current location. This is an extraordinary story. The building is also a historical museum. What a story. The history is truly remarkable. We believe that to be true. 

Without a doubt this outdoor location really is romantic. As one of the top Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando, Casa Feliz really serves as a jewel of Winter Park. Of course, the beautiful architecture sets the mood. Above all, the rustic nature of the colors mix well. Especially with Florida’s foliage. Certainly the outdoor plaza also serves as the reception seating area. What an amazing place. Visit it for yourself. Surely you will agree. Without a doubt Casa Feliz is a Central Florida Treasure.

Waldorf Astoria is a Luxury Wedding Venue In Orlando.

Of course, deciding on Waldorf Astoria as your wedding ceremony location is a great choice. Certainly this is the focal point. Especially of the well manicured grounds. We can fulfill your vision. The foliage merges with the beautiful sky. Above all, the location is super convenient to get to. Also, the large number of hotel options adds to the benefits. Truly breathless it is.

Without a doubt this outdoor location really is romantic. As one of the top Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando, Waldorf Astoria really could be the perfect choice. Especially for an outdoor Wedding Ceremony. Of course, the beautiful architecture sets the mood. Above all, the rustic nature of the colors mix well. Especially with Florida’s foliage. 

Paradise Cove Orlando is one of the most Tropical Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando.

Certainly, having your wedding at Paradise Cove Orlando fulfills any tropical vision you have.  All in all, this waterside location certainly is one of our top Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando. For example, the groom can choose to arrive by speedboat. Of course, he gets to choose his own music for his personalized entrance. 

The Bride gets her own getting ready suite. Combined with the gorgeous views, this location really pulls that tropical theme off perfectly. Especially if coral colors are in your future. This location is blessed with amazing staff. Notwithstanding Florida’s unpredictable weather, we highly recommend this location. There are a wide variety of textures and colors within the color palette of your vision. You could certainly pair this location with a Church Wedding in Orlando as well. 

In the Heart of Maitland – The Mayor Tree.

Without a doubt, the Mayor Tree Ceremony Location is a very unique location for your wedding Ceremony. Paired with a Orlando Science Center Wedding Reception, this location can be wonderful.

Especially considering how budget friendly it really is for couples. The canopy of this amazing historical tree really gives you a sense of being enveloped in love. Certainly the filtered light through the branches adds to the magical environment. 

Trust us. We have seen it happen. This location really is amazing. Without a doubt. Your vision would come to life. Especially under this amazing tree. 

Another of the great Top Outdoor Wedding Venues In Orlando – Westgate Villas Resort.

Our experience with Westgate Villas has been amazing. This vacation resort has a rooftop plaza. Specifically for your Ceremony or Reception. Even in the full mid-day sun, the temperatures were wonderful. Especially for our photo shoot there. 

This location is easy to get to. There are plenty of accommodations for guests. Especially in the immediate area. The staff is amazing and very professional. Additionally, remember this. The services available for your event are really limitless.

There is a full kitchen. Also, there are accommodations on site. They also have just completed a giant water park. These features combine for a truly stress free celebration. Of course, we would love to be there for you as your Orlando Wedding Photographer.

When you interview us and other wedding vendors, remember this. Be sure to ask our top seven questions. Especially as you think your wedding. Also, as you consider having an engagement session. Perhaps a Downtown Winter Garden Engagement Session will do. Book us now! Let us help you. We are here for you. Finding a Top Wedding Venue Guide for you really is our goal.

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Sophia’s Art Photography began in 2012 with a very simple mission. Bring back the traditional family Orlando photographer to Central Florida. Nick and Marjorie celebrated a photographers wedding in 2013. Over time, Sophia’s Art Photo was asked to be one couple’s Dual Orlando Wedding Photographer Team. And in a moment, they were all in. Five blissful years later, Sophias Art Photo has become one of the most versatile Family Orlando Photographers in Central Florida. In 2015 Marjorie was honored as a WPPI Silver Distinction Award Winner. All in all, from Maternity to newborns , kids to Grads, all the way to professional business Headshots, Marjorie and Nicholas love being relied upon for their client’s family photos. 

Although Wedding Photographers in Orlando are many, your options are limited only by your budget and wedding day vision. Certainly, finding your perfect Wedding Photographer is really important for your biggest day. And here is why we believe this. Of all the vendors hired for family celebrations, selecting the best of dual wedding photographers Orlando insures that your entire day is captured beautifully. Because, you and your new family absolutely deserve the very best.