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True Love in Motion...
...Captured Forever

True Love in Moton... Captured Forever

If you envision your wedding day to be captured with care and attention to details, you have stopped at the right place.

Based on the heart of Dr. Phillips, we travel around Florida to capture the beginnings of new families.

We are Marjorie and Nick, the photographers, eyes, and heart behind the cameras of Sophia’s Art.
Who is Sophia then? Our daughter! You will meet her, we promise ;)

Learn More About Us...

Marjorie and Nicholas - Visual Storytellers
We Care about Your Family

Combining years of journalism with a wedding photography certification, we want to capture moments as they unfold. We love storytelling and that is the way we approach your wedding day. 

When we are not shooting weddings, we are enjoying the small things in life with our kids and very possibly, a very tasty meal is included!  
We are determined to capture our couples, as they are, unique!

“We love life's signature moments, and everything which happens in between…”

Fun Facts About Us...

Marjorie and Nicholas - Visual Storytellers
We Care about Your Family

Fav Movie:
Star Wars
Fav Sports Team: Cleveland Browns Primary Role:
The designer of the team
Bucket List Item:
Trip Around the World

Fav Movie:

Ponce, PR
Must Have Items: 
Coffee and House Cab  
From Ponce, PR; 
Primary Role:
The planner of the team
Bucket List Item:
A photography studio

Fun Facts About Us...

Articles About Our Work...

Marjorie and Nicholas - Visual Storytellers
We Care about Your Family

A Consumer Guide to Wedding Photography

Weddings are amazingly expensive events to plan for. We cannot pretend like they are not that way. The key is to decide for yourself where you want to insure quality and where you can cut back to save money.


You may want a super fancy cake, and not care one bit about having real flowers. You may want an ultra exclusive wedding dress and super modest decorations for the reception.

We went through the exact same things you are going through in 2013 when we were planning our very own wedding. We like to think that we have a unique perspective on hunting for just the right photographer. Let's Begin!   

We totally get it.

We are right there with you.

Been There. Done That

We totally get it.

We are right
there with you.

Been There. Done That

Our Wedding in Sept 2013

Have you ever Been to the Show? Let's Go!

Have you Ever Been to a Live Concert? Lets Go!

How Do You Make Sure You Get Everything You Deserve?

When you decide that you want to pay more for a front row seat experience, never accept sitting in the back row.

(hint - This is how it can feel if you aren't sure if the photographer you are considering is a trained, certified, seasoned professional...)

The Promise of A
"Front Row" Experience

The Reality of an
Inexperienced Photographer

Q. What does this have to do with Wedding Photography?

A. If someone tells you that you can have a front row experience for the cost of the back row - don't believe them!

Have you ever planned a special occasion for someone special? Lets Go!

What if I want to Sit in the Back Row?
I Like the Back Row!

No Problem!

No matter what the Wedding Magazines try to tell you, a modest budget is perfectly acceptable. Whatever your personal vision is for your biggest day, it will always perfect for you - so long as you match your expectations to your budget...

Q. What if my vision exceeds my budget?

a. if your budget is smaller than your appetite, find someone willing to do the most they can for what you can afford...

Want to See What Goes Into Photographing a Wedding? Lets Go!

Is this special occasion your first date... or your 10th Wedding Anniversary?

You would be right in assuming that most people may spend and plan more for a super special occasion like an anniversary ( or a Wedding - hint hint ), because there are no second chances to capture this special day ever again...

Does The Level of Personal Service Match The Occasion?

Q. How Do I Make Sure the Final Images meet my expectations?

A . Strive to find someone who really cares about you and your biggest day, and is not just thinking about their own portfolio or paycheck...

Grand Entrance
First Dance
Toasts, Dinner
Special Dances
Bouquet/Garter Toss
Shoe Game
Cutting of the Cake


Couples First Look
Family Formal Groups
Ceremony Processional
Readings, Vows, Rings
First Kiss
Group Formals
Couples Spotlight


Girls Getting Ready
Boys Getting Ready
Rings, Dress, Flowers
First Look with Dad
First Look with girls
Bridal Portraits
Groom Portraits
Bridal Party Portraits


Holey Moley --- There's alot to photograph during your wedding!
Since there are no second chances to capture all of these once-in-a-life-time, have-to-get-it-right-the-first-time moments correctly, you want to have someone cool under pressure and appreciates the importance of your biggest day.. 

Wedding Day Timeline: Professional Photographers
Leave Very Little To Chance...

Let's See What You're
Really Paying For...

Q. Is having you show up and shoot my Wedding all that I get for my money?

A. In addition to "Day-Of" Shooting Performance, what you are really paying for is the entire history of experiences from being a photographer... 

Post Production

Day Of Wedding

Open and Clear Communication

Pre-Event Consultation

Event Location Scouting

Knowledge of the Venue

Full Timeline Development

Venue and Vendor Coordination


Wedding Photography combines:
Event Photography, Portraits, Group Shots,
Close Up Detailed Shots (Macro Photography),
Indoor Lighting,
Outdoor Natural / Available Lighting,
Direction of People, and some of the best "people person" skills available to deal with challenging guests and relatives

Beyond Pushing a Button: what are you really paying for when you Hire a Professional Photographer

Open and Clear Communication

Professional Level Gear with Redundancy

Event Insurance

Cool Under Pressure

Secure Custody of Images

Contingency Plans

Open and Clear Communication

On and Off Site Storage of Images

Professional Level Hardware and Software

Adheres to Deadlines

Exceeds your Expectations

Let's Go To Our
Rates and Collections...

Q. When do I get to see what you charge?????

A. Ok ... you are now officially graduated as a fully informed consumer of Wedding photography, armed with the tools needed to get exactly what you want, and to also recognize and (hopefully) avoid everything you don't want. Ready?

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"Fantastic, marvelous, wonderful, Perfection. All words I would use to describe the amazing couple that is Marjorie and Nick.
Their love for each other is something that is evident each day you meet with them and it truly reminds you during the busy times of wedding planning why you are doing it: Love." 

Waldorf Astoria
November 19, 2016

Allie and Dan


In Their Own Words...

 Marjorie and Nick at Sophia's Art were a pleasure to work with!
My husband is very shy and when we first met Marjorie and Nick, he knew instantly that he wanted them to photograph our wedding because of how comfortable they made us feel! You will know upon the first visit just how talented this duo is. They are a great team and truly capture the greatest moments and memories of what is sure to be the best day of your life.

Luxemore Grand Estate
March 18, 2017 

Eileen and Steven

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In Their Own Words...

 Words cannot even begin to describe the amazing, wonderful, loving, stress-free experience we have had with Sophia's Art Photography. I can truly say they make me and my husband feel like a part of their family when we are with them.
They will tell the whole story of your wedding through the most beautiful and breath-taking photos. . I promise you, you will not be disappointed in this decision.

Holy Trinity Church Gainesville
January 14, 2017 

Tiffany and Rorey

In Their Own Words...

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Even after a month of honeymoon traveling and post wedding celebrating, the only things people can talk about are the lifelong memories captured by this dynamic duo! I'm still baffled at how they got these candid action shots when they essentially blended right into the party, for myself to get these angles and scenes I would have had to be right up in the face of the subject - the seal team six of photography ;) luv you both and thanks for being apart of our lives forever!

 Paradise Cove
January 1, 2017

Alicia and Rob

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In Their Own Words...

Marjorie & Nick are an amazing couple and very fun & professional to work with.

 They take all of your suggestions to heart and are willing to try anything to ensure your satisfaction.

We are so happy that we had them capture our special day and created life long memories.

Gaylord Palms
November 12, 2016

Julie and Sean

In Their Own Words...

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Nick and Marjorie are absolutely fabulous! Honestly they will become more like family by the time of your wedding day! They provided us with the most beautiful pictures and are such a dream team..
They made us feel so comfortable and you can see that in our pictures.
They captured the special little moments that make the memories. We can't thank you both enough!!!

Winter Park Farmers Market
October 1, 2016

Katie and Kenny

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In Their Own Words...

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In Their Own Words...

Because only the best will do...

Sophias Art was born of the idea that the traditional "family photographer"is not lost on this generation, and there are still families who value cherished photographs as family heirlooms. Because of this, we are exclusively offering hand cut generational quality Italian Wedding Albums from Graphistudios, located north of Venice, Italy. 

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Marjorie and Nicholas Durante found each other only after enduring lives apart and experiencing the highs and lows of single parenthood.... together by each others side since 2011, they have been inseparable ever since. Together they comprise one of the most dynamic and creative couples photography teams in Central Florida, and have been published in numerous print and online publications.  

They place family first... because of this ethos you can rest assured that your wedding is as important to them as it is to you. All the planning, details, and work you put into your biggest day deserves to be captured and memorialized for all generations in a timeless, classic method borne of the mix of their own heritages of Puerto Rico and Sicily. 

How you were raised does make a difference, and Marjorie & Nicholas fulfill their own ministry in the service of your family, now and in the future...

LEARN ABOUT OUR fabulous Italian ALBUM

Our Promise to You...


We only offer the finest Italian hand cut wedding albums, and they come from a small town north of Venice called Arba. Graphistudios are the creators and pioneers of the lay-flat, no seam wedding album. 

Why Graphistudios...

We would only want for your family what we have chosen for our own family albums.Many of the top photographers in the world feel the same way...

why Graphistudios