Congratulations on your engagement!
You said ‘Yes’, and now everything looks so overwhelming and you have no idea where to start planning this wedding!
Yes, there are many decisions to make, but it should be fun!

Here you will find valuable information about wedding photography, as well as what to expect when selecting Sophia’s Art Photo as your wedding photography team.
We would love to meet with you after you review this guide, and answer any question you may have.

Enjoy and plan away!

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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a. Easy! You can reserve your wedding date with just $200.

1. How do we reserve our wedding date?

a. Absolutely! You will receive a gallery with all the photographs included in your album and any other wall art or prints. 

2. Do we receive digitals with any of your collections?

3. What is included in your collections?

a. Your custom Italian album! So exciting! In each collection an Italian wedding album, wall art, and the digital files included in your products, are part of the collection. 

frequently asked questions

a. Albums start at 20 pages. Depending on the collection, albums can have up to 100 pages. 

4. How many pages the album has? 

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a. We mainly photograph in Central Florida and its surroundings, but we have travel further. Where are you getting married? 

5. How far do you travel?

6. who will be at our wedding? 

a. We will, of course! When you book Sophia’s Art Photo, Marjorie and Nick will be your primary photographers for the day. 

a. No limitations!! If you book Sophia’s Art all day, Marjorie and Nick will be with you starting at the getting ready, until the last formal activity of the night. Awesome, right! 

7. How many hours are included?

a. When you book all day coverage with Sophia’s Art, 2 photographers will be included. 

8. How many photographers?

frequently asked questions

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9. Would I see my album design before is send to production?

a. Yes, yes, and yes! You will approve your album design before sending it out to Italy for printing.  

a. We do! We offer hybrid photo/video coverage as an option on all of our collections. If you want a full video production, we also work with an amazing team of videographers. 

10. Do you offer video?

a. Family is our priority in life… In a wedding, a family starts! What a beautiful moment to capture forever! We are more than wedding photographers. For our couples, we are family! 

11. What makes you different from other photographers? 

frequently asked questions

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After selecting which one of the collections you would like, you can reserve your session with Sophia’s, by making the payment thru our secure site. 

12. what should i expect from an engagement session?

After selecting which one of the collections you would like, you can reserve your session with Sophia’s, by making the payment thru our secure site. 

13. how do i pay for my session?

frequently asked questions -Engagement Sessions

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We book engagement sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays an hour before the sunset. This way we can capture great light during your session. 

14. how do i schedule the session?

frequently asked questions -Engagement Sessions

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I know this can be challenging, but it should not! As a general rule, solid colors are best. Put both outfits together –maybe in the bed- and see how they all look together. It does not have to match, so don’t stress about it! 

15. What to wear?

contact us today to book your consulation!

frequently asked questions -Engagement Sessions

Only the best for you...

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Sophias Art was born of the idea that the traditional "family photographer"is not lost on this generation, and there are still families who value cherished photographs as family heirlooms. Because of this, we are exclusively offering hand cut generational quality Italian Wedding Albums from Graphistudios, located north of Venice, Italy. 

Marjorie and Nicholas Durante found each other only after enduring lives apart and experiencing the highs and lows of single parenthood.... together by each others side since 2011, they have been inseparable ever since. Together they comprise one of the most dynamic and creative couples photography teams in Central Florida, and have been published in numerous print and online publications.  

They place family first... because of this ethos you can rest assured that your wedding is as important to them as it is to you. All the planning, details, and work you put into your biggest day deserves to be captured and memorialized for all generations in a timeless, classic method borne of the mix of their own heritages of Puerto Rico and Sicily. 

How you were raised does make a difference, and Marjorie & Nicholas fulfill their own ministry in the service of your family, now and in the future...


Our Promise to You...


We only offer the finest Italian hand cut wedding albums, and they come from a small town north of Venice called Arba. Graphistudios are the creators and pioneers of the lay-flat, no seam wedding album. 

Why Graphistudios...

We would only want for your family what we have chosen for our own family albums.Many of the top photographers in the world feel the same way...

why Graphistudios

About Your Wedding Photographers

Borne in Ponce, Puerto Rico to a rich heritage deep in the traditions of this Caribbean Island Commonwealth, Marjorie Durante genuinely cares about who she photographs. 
Transcending the lens and becoming a genuine mentor and friend to her clients, Marjorie focuses heavily on providing a stress free experience filled with love, laughter, and learning what is important to the people who touch our lives and who's lives are touched by us. 
An accomplished journalist and broadcaster of almost 20 years, she brings the eye of a television producer and on-air personality to the visual timeline of your most important day. Timelines and logistics are very important to Marjorie, and with her by your side, your day will be seamless, streamlined, and totally carefree!

Born in Cleveland Ohio to a family heritage blending Sicily and Genoa, Italy, Nicholas Durante brings over 30 years of photographic and artistic experience to the table for your event.
 A dedicated adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America for over 10 years, he has been a resident of Orlando Florida since 1982, and a graduate of Colonial High School. His vision and style can best be described as having your own favorite uncle photographing your wedding, and he also happens to be really good at doing just that.
Well beyond documenting the moments of your biggest day, Nicholas is there to make your day better than you had ever imagined it... from fixing pocket squares to making you laugh constantly, Nicholas knows how important this day is to your entire family! 

If you envision your wedding day to be captured with care and attention to details, you have stopped at the right place.
We are Marjorie and Nick, the photographers, eyes, and heart behind the cameras of Sophia’s Art. 

We Welcome You

Ok, but who is Sophia?

Who is Sophia then? Our daughter! You will meet her, we promise ;)
Based on the heart of Dr. Phillips, we travel around Central Florida to capture the beginning of a family at weddings.

Who is Sophia?

Super Cool! But why should we choose you?

Taking advantage of one of my strengths, learner, I went thru the WPPI Certification process and got certified as a wedding photographer in early 2016. Yay! It was a long process, but along with many hours and years of education, this provides trust to my clients. And making the couples feel relax so they can enjoy the process is one of my main goals!]

Why Choose Us?

What Motivates You?

Combining years of journalism expertise and a wedding photography certification, we want to capture moments as they unfold. We love storytelling and that is the way we approach your wedding day. When you receive your wedding album, we want you to ‘read’ your wedding story in it. 

What Motivates Us...

What do you do for fun?

When we are not shooting weddings, we are enjoying the small things in life with our kids and very possibly, a very tasty meal is included!

We are determined to capture our couples, as they are, unique!

When We aren't Shooting

Fun Facts Ahead!

Star Wars fan!
From Cleveland, OH, so yes, a Browns fan!
The designer of the team
Wish list item:
A helicopter

Coffee in the morning, Cavernet Sauvignon with dinner, please ;)
From Ponce, PR; talks fast, but not THAT loud…I think!
The planner of the team
Wish list item:
A photography studio (yes, I guess that’s more than just one item, lol)

Fun Facts About Us...

See Our Publications

marjorie durante is a certified wedding photographer 
through a joint certification program conducted by the  WEDDINGS AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS INTERNATIONAL and the new york institute of photography

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